Whats Next

The question as a freelancer is always, Whats Next?


Whats next, it can be scary, it can be fun, it can be unusual, but it will always be something.

The fear is there is nothing next. How do you cope with that.

You don’t, you keep your head to the sky and your feet on the path. You keep breathing. You just keep livin’.

I work hard for the next. I work hard at not pigeon holeing myself as a “blank” photographer.

I work on my skills as any craftsperson would. Whats next is not always easy.

You probably ferret out people you want to work with and those you don’t.

I try and give it a go when I can, but the right connection equals a endless possibility of whats next.

Each Next has a road, there are the long roads and the short roads. Each road has turn offs and turn ins.

Choosing the Next is the tricky part. You either do the next or you end the road. Sometimes Ending the road is okay.

Not everyone is going to be a Next. If they do not see the value in the product, you will never convince them of it.

For me I keep a high standard to my product. My photos all say the same thing.. Clean, Crisp, Clear and Vibrant, But they are

all based around the client and the possible next.

So what is Next?

its an adventure, Its a dream, Its a romance, its whatever it needs to be. It is a Ride to the unkown that makes you love where you are at, realize where you are going, and seeing that the journey is unmapped.


Whats next right now is not known to me, but I guarantee that I have been walking the foot paths to have a next.

Its exciting. It will always be a challenge, but one with great reward, and hopefully a great destination.

Whats next? is the question, but if your not working at creating the next, it is not coming.

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