Portrait Info

Spoil yourself and your Family with Contemporary Portrait.  This one of a kind photograph will be special to you and your family every time you look at it for years to come.

Expect more than a picture.  Your portrait will be as unique as your are, and show your perspective, from angle and lighting, always showing you in the spotlight.

I am not a traditional portrait photographer. My photographs are fun, eccentric and sometimes avant garde.  Silly at times, but always inspired, either by classical painters or today’s artists.  I have the tools to create your image.

You pick the location: your house, a place outdoors, or event a studio type shot.  If you so desire, we can enlist a make-up artist or stylish to push your idea even further.

Before each session I will do a consultation with you to discuss all of this.  You will also have a chance to see samples of the final product.  This preparation is important to ensure that the session will result in photographs that you want.

I am not a traditional portrait photographer. It is important for me to tell your story in the photographs.  Every photo has a story and I just want to tell it.  I find that if a photo does not have a story then the photos become dull and lifeless.  I see beyond the surface, finding the essence of the person, and that makes a memorable image.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for a free consultation about your needs.


My email is trevor@trevor22photography.com or by phone:317-769-6792