Its about creating through relationships.

Photography is much more than the study of light.

its the study of the world around us, and how things interconnect within it.


There are a lot of different criteria that go into making a good photograph.

from composition to subject matter, all this is crap if there is no connection.


What is a connection?  It is the way the photographer and the subject are intertwined. What was this connection?


It could be as simple as being in the right place at the right time, most gripping News pics are this way. OR

It is the way the photographer leaves the perch of watching and starts interacting. Creating a friendship or even

a simplistic relationship between photographer and subject.  That makes an awesome photo.


Stop looking and shooting, and start investing in the relationships you are capturing. I assure you the photos will become

Images, and will be timeless, and not the throw away media we are entrenched in now.



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