TR22 Photography is a full service photo studio.  We think our product is better, crisper, and hopefully a better deal.  I think my training at the Portfolio Center in Savannah, GA combined with my years at the University of Tennessee, Martin as the University Photographer and other freelance work will be a direct asset to any and all your photographic needs.

I strive to provide clear, quality and crisp images in all images I produce.  I feel that my knowledge of photography and my work ethic help me stay sharp, as well as capture the action of any event I shoot.  Call it personal growth or personal pride, but I continually want to get better and grow as a photographer.  I feel I can always learn and in doing so I can always get better.

For seven and a half years, I have been shooting all thins sports and non-sports for the University of Tennessee at Martin.  Before UT Martin, I was the team photographer for the Atlanta Silverbacks and a secondary shooter for the Atlanta Beat.  I have been able to shoot International and MLS soccer matches, high-profile college football and NBA games.  Many of my images have been published in newspapers and sports publications, including ESPN and the New York Times.

I have been doing portrait photography for the last 8 years for the University of Tennessee at Martin and have recently transplanted myself in Indianapolis.  You name it, I can shoot it. From portraits to weddings to athletic events, my studio is where the photos are.

Here at TR22 Photography and design, we shoot what you want and how you want.  Our goal is a client-based metanoia.  we want people to show who they are.  the beauty they possess on their own.  Not that I or anyone else will thrust on them.  Each client is a special link in the chain of communication and expression.  My job is to take you and your want and dreams and bring them to life.  I see beyond the first steps and plan on thinks failing.  this allows me to shoot in any circumstance.  I am a planner who likes the unplanned.  I put what I have into each project.  Each design or image has a piece of me engraved into it.  Your vision is my goal.  I will take the steps and the time to breathe the live into it and create something that lives your needs.  My sports photography is a love for human endurance and wililngness to sacrifice all for a common goal.  There is a fluid movement and a dance to sport that is only mimicked in nature.  I truly love what I do.  Allow me to help you create a dream to inspire.

My mission is to capture and deliver the highest quality photographs for my clients and the highest level or professional service.  My hope is to develop a personal connection that supports an ongoing and long-lasting working relationship.

Pelase let me know if you would like more information.  Please feel free to see what people are saying about me on LinkedIn.  My LinkedIN name is trevor ruskowski and samples of my work can be found around this site and http://www.flickr.com/photos/trevor22/.  My goals is to accomplish what you are looking for photographically.  I would really like to talk with you about this opportunity.  Feel free to contact me any time.  My email is Trevor@trevor22photography.com; my cell phone number is 731.332.9041.