To toot my OWN horn.

Well, I figured if I do not toot my own horn no one will. hahaha.

Now I have been doing professional photography sense 1998. That is when I shot my first wedding and the dream began so to speak.

Now I run my own studio, based on In client space pics, Meaning I go where I am needed. I have backgrounds, lights, everything I need is set up to travel. I am building the TR22 brand one client at a time, and my resume’ I feel is impressive. I am going to take this time to list the places I have been published.

I am an award winning photographer.

I feel that it speaks to the level of awesome we create here at TR22 Photo and Design.

1. ESPN and

2. Sports Illustrated and


4. Dime Magazine

5. Slam Magazine

6. Soccer America

7. USA Today print and online

8. Draft Magazines NFL NBA

9. Washington Post, print and online

10. Chicago Tribune, print and online

11. Indy Star, print and online

12. Bleacher Report

13. Fansided

14. ransports

15 Fox sports


17. Numerous athletic fan sites

18. MLS main page

19. MLS team sites

20. Adidas advertising

21. Budwiser advertising

22. fathead


24. Trading card companies

25. NASL

26. INDY Eleven

27. NASL teams

28. Duke University

29. Notre Dame Athletics

30. University of Tennessee

31. University of Tennessee at Martin

32. Jackson Sun.

33. Atlanta Silverbacks

34. New York Post

35. MLS photo store

36. Studebaker Museum

37. Ball State Credit Union

38. USA Soccer materials

39. WUSA Atlanta Beat

40. Ferris Property Group

The list grows and these are not all the publications I have been in. .. I have worked for and with some great entities. I create the images people want, not the ones I think they do. I work and shoot based on client needs.

I rock what I do so you can rock what you do. I will help you create and push your brand. Contact us today and lets get the ball rolling.






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