Looking and watching is not seeing

When taking a photograph it is more of seeing the world differently then the norm, showing the world through your perspective, taking a picture is just a point and click.

Often I see other photographers (people who charge, not the weekend warriors who own a camera) shoot from a non interesting angle. I look and dismiss them as being a good photographer.  Why?  Because they are shooting exactly like that of the weekend warriors. They show no type of skill or thought behind the photo they are creating.

If I shoot exactly how a non trained (a lot of photographers who call themselves pros) why would someone hire me to shoot for them.

The difference is lighting, training, seeing whats going on, and seeing it differently than the average person. Taking a photo to the next level should be what all PROs shoot for. But they do not.. Sometimes they have just bought a decent enough camera, photoshop, and hot lights, and poof. Now they are pros.. They have no Idea about relationships from foreground to background to subject, and they have no idea what an F stop or shutter speed is for or what it is. They rely on Photoshop to save images.

Really, Photoshop to save images. Shouldn’t the client, who is paying you, be able to use the raw image without all the photoshop saves?

Do not get me wrong, I love photoshop and sometimes it is a plan to merge and change things.. But it is a plan, not a save. Just like some special effects in movies are done CGI and not in real life. And yes there is a difference in Quality of a plan and a save.

Real Pros do things on purpose.

There will always be items that funnel choice in a photographer, price.  You get what you pay for. Why not pay a bit more?  Because what you are really paying for is the knowledge and the experience, not the photo. The photo by a real pro will always be awesome, and what you are looking for, not the limited knowledge of the fake.

But in this bis, you get what you pay for, and Yes everyone can take a picture, but only a few can create “The Photograph”.

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