I shoot Canon gear and I have a full array of studio equipment. This is a list of stuff that has been accrued over time.  I use most of the items listed below very often.

Here is a list of most of my Equipment. This list is always in progress and subject to change as needed.

Canon Bodies have multiples of each camera body

Canon 1DXII

Canon 1dX 



Canon 1d Mark iv 

Canon 5d mark III 

Canon 5d mark II

Canon 7d mark II

Canon Lenses

8-16 f4

12-24 f4

16-35 f4

24-70 f2.8

 24-70 f4

24-105 f4

70-200 f2.8

35-350 f3.5-5.6

100-400 f4-5.6

20 f1.8

50 f1.8

85 f1.8

100 f2.8

135 f2.8

200 f2.8

300 f2.8

400 f2.8

 600 F4

Studio Equipment

Sekonic light meter

set of Profit lights and modifiers

6 bowens 750 heads with modifiers

beauty dishes, strip boxes, soft boxes, parabolic reflector, octobox

multiple backdrops, and stands.

LED ring light

LED strip lights

Computer Equipment

MacBook Pro

Imac 27″

Adobe suit. Photoshop, Lightroom, etc.

I able to shoot tethered

Bags and Cases

Pelican 1400

Pelican 1500

Pelican 1550

Pelican 1600

Pelican Computer backpack

Pelican adventure hard case computer laptop

pelican laptop case

Lowepro Belt system

Lowepro aw500

Lowepro aw350

various other bags and cases

Tripods and stands

Have multiple light stands

Manfrotto 1600 tripod

Manfrotto 1680 tripod

Manfrotto Travel Tripod

camera plate

multiple Manfrotto heads, and tripods

Multiple monopods

Other stuff

Multiple Pocketwizard transmitters

shutter release cables

Pocket wizard remote cables

Gaff Tape

External battery pack for strobes